Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Project Namibia Fundraising Drive: Another Downham Market business pledges support

It has been encouraging that one of the first questions people have been asking me recently is: "How is your fundraising going?". The vast majority of these people have read about my fundraising drive either on Facebook or Twitter which I am really happy about and shows that at least the message of what I am doing and why I am doing it is getting out there.

I enjoyed a pretty good start to my fundraising drive and raised £520 pretty quickly but over the last week and a half, I have lost a little bit of the momentum which is slightly disappointing. It is probably more down to the fact that I've not had much time to focus on my fundraising recently than anything else but I am hoping a new month will bring new opportunities.

Despite the slight dip in momentum, I am still delighted by how many people have shown an interest in what I will be doing in Namibia and why I am doing it. I was over-the-moon to have received a cheque from the Downham Market Rotary Club last month and also really pleased with the support I have had from my colleagues at the Eastern Daily Press and Archant. I have been really impressed at how much support the company gives in helping employees raise as much money as possible for their chosen charity.

BREAKING  NEWS: I can announce that Liz Pendleton, from Downham Market's community website downhamweb, pledged to support me in my fundraising drive this week. Liz is also a partner at the brilliant Lingo Design, in Bridge Street, Downham Market. 

It is fantastic to be able to have someone like Liz backing me because she is a great person to bounce ideas off, has a lot of energy and was really a big influence on me signing up for this international project in the first place. Downhamweb is also gearing up to re-launch soon and Liz has said I will be able to have a feature page on the improved website which will be a great way to let the people of Downham know how my fundraising is going.

*You can help me raise money for bowel cancer research and to help children in Namibia by clicking here.*

I have also had my fundraising efforts published onto journalist website HoldTheFrontPage. The website has been very supportive of me in the past and I am so grateful they continue to support me. I have not seen a story about me in the Press Gazette or my local newspaper though :(

To read my latest story on HoldTheFrontPage click here 

I have also searched for my name on the website and these are the stories to have come up:


At 1 March 2011 at 10:44 , Blogger Unknown said...

I'm so pleased downhamweb and I can help to support and promote you with this very worthwhile cause!

Good luck with the rest of the fund-raising, I'm sure we can drum up some more support when the site goes live :)

Keep up the good charity work Blackie!



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