Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Can we have our pictures back Zimbabwe?

The odds of Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe sending back the 40-plus pieces of artwork belonging to the people of King's Lynn must be outrageous - but still worth a flutter.

The pieces - created by Lynn-born artist Thomas Baines - were sent to the government of Southern Rhodesia, now part of Zimbabwe, in 1947 by King’s Lynn Council.

There have been numerous unsuccessful attempts to recover the 40-plus items over the years and West Norfolk mayor Zipha Christoper recently launched a fresh bid to retrieve them. But almost two months later there has been no response from the African country let alone a glimmer of hope that you and I might see them returned.

This didn't stop the oldest living descendant of Baines contacting me at the Eastern Daily Press to say he will personally write to President Mugabe and urge him to "do the right thing".

Check out the story I wrote on his plea to the African leader:


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