Monday, 1 November 2010

Twitter - My Top Ten Tweets thus far....

Before moving to Norfolk and the EDP I would be the first to admit I wasn't the best on Twitter - I barely checked out what everyone else was doing, let alone Tweet myself!

But now that I am in outrageous Outwell and working hard to get more Downham Market stories in EDP, I have Tweeting left, right and centre and am up to a poor 150...

Here is list of my Top Ten Tweets (in no particular order!):

* Explosive argument in Lynn close to Poundland between couple with wife accusing hubby of splurging too much on make up & clothes - eh?!

* A "friend" just told me when I meet people I'm like the Sixth Sense - great if you don't know what happens but a massive let down if you do!

* At Lynnsport and just interviewed Olympian Jonathan Edwards - what a top bloke. With him on board I'm sure Olympics will be a success

* Had a dream last night I was the co-pilot of an international flight to Thailand that was being flown by @RobBrydon and we survived!!

* What did you do at 10.10 10/10/10? I put the kettle on - not really memorable

* I've just given blood for first time.. (yay me!) I was a little worried when my 'donor carer' said I'll have to "work for it"!!

* Kate from the Apprentice and now on Channel 5 has said she thinks I look 'rather dashing' at Bobby Moore Fund sports ball

* New pair of boots; £50, new suit; £140, punching a sales clerk; priceless

* Back in London. I miss Norfolk! Too many traffic and street lights here. Also no ditches on the side of the road - where's the danger?!

* What's the difference between a kangaroo and a kangaoot? One lives in Australia and the other is a Geordie stuck in a lift!

What is your favourite?


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