Sunday, 5 December 2010

Hotpoint Hostage Drama

I never thought I would see Hotpoint, hostage & drama in the same headline but that is exactly the situation a poor delivery driver and police officers had to deal with in a village on the outskirts of Norwich recently.

It has to be one of the funniest stories I have ever read and I still can't believe Eastern Daily Press reporter - Jon Welch - managed to get into the house where the Hotpoint employee was being held hostage, get the quotes needed and get a few pictures of the whole saga!

He also did an excellent job in keeping me - as well as many others - glued to Twitter whilst this was all going on. To read Welchy's story click here.

It was one of those stories that journalists can only dream about because let's face it; how often does this type of story happen?!

As an added bonus I thought I would also show you how Welchy tweeted the situation:

Tweet Feed excerpts:

3:02PM Off out now on one of the most bizarre news jobs I've ever been sent on. Details to follow.

4:01PM This job I'm on: man called to say he was holding a Hotpoint driver "hostage" in his house. I'm currently in the house, drinking tea.

4:03PM Gentleman says photographer and I are free to leave, but Hotpoint driver isn't. She doesn't seem unduly concerned. She's being well treated.

4:04PM The police are supposedly on their way. This is all very surreal. Meanwhile, the kettle's on again.

4:07PM It's in protest at allegedly faulty cookers. Driver's been here since 2.15. She's got to get back to Northampton.

4:09PM There's a bulldog here, called Ollie. He's asleep. "He is a pedigree but we can't show him - he's got no balls."

4:09PM Don't worry, we have tea and digestives. And now the police are here!

4:18PM The police are here. Negotiations are taking place. Gentleman has told driver she's free to leave. A refund deal is being brokered.

4:22PM This is the most civilised hostage drama ever. Police officer has just declined a cup of tea. Hotpoint driver on phone to her boss.

4.28PM Police officer now on phone to Hotpoint driver's supervisor. Meanwhile, Ollie the castrated bulldog is stirring.

4:31PM A signature appears to be the sticking point. Customer won't sign. Driver's boss says he must. Policeman being very patient.

4:34PM Negotiations continue...

4:44PM The siege has been lifted. No-one arrested. The driver has left. So have we. This happened in Newton Flotman, by the way.

5:00PM For the full story of the Hotpoint "hostage" drama, see tomorrow's Evening News.

5:03PM Hello to my new followers. It's not always this exciting, you know.

Tweet Feed ends


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