Thursday, 10 February 2011

Project Namibia: Day 7 of my fundraising drive

So it has been a week since I launched my fundraising drive to raise £4,000 for the Bobby Moore Fund's Project Namibia and I have been overwhelmed by the positive response and £300 I have had so far from friends, family, colleagues and businesses. Long may this continue.

It is obviously really important for me to maintain my early momentum as I push to raise the remaining £3,700 I need to go out to Africa in June to revamp a school and also help the Bobby Moore Fund in it's great work into bowel cancer research.

As many of you already know this isn't the first international project I have been on with the Bobby Moore Fund as I went out to South Africa last March to revamp a small village school in Sandberg - which is a three hour drive north of Cape Town. On travelling out there I can remember being nervous because I really didn't know what to expect and it soon became clear how much work was needed to be done when we arrived at Sandberg Primary School.

But in just over ten days we completely overhauled the school and left an education facility where I hope the children will flourish and aspire to be whatever they want to be. For me, the best thing about the project was getting to meet these children, teaching them playground games and seeing the smiles on their faces everyday. I just hope they will always remember us, were inspired by us and always know they can achieve anything they want to if they work hard enough.

It was the legacy we left behind in South Africa and how much we improved those children's lives which really inspired me to sign up for Project Namibia. Now that I've been on an international project I know roughly what I will be faced with and the challenge that lies ahead really excites me. I know I can make such a huge difference out in Namibia so I am very focused on raising the money I need and making sure that in June I am on that plane!

You can help me raise money for bowel cancer research and also help children in Namibia have a better life by visiting

If you have any fundraising ideas or are a business and could sponsor me feel free to e-mail me on

For more information about the Bobby Moore Fund visit


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