Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The arrival of Oscar Michael Christopher Watson into this world

So my pregnant friend Kirsty came to visit just for the day recently but little did I/we know what was going to happen late into the evening. She arrived in the afternoon of February 27 having been to see her partner's family in Swaffham and we went into Lynn to watch the Carling Cup Final before coming back to my flat to settle down for the evening.

Kirsty was already past her due date when she arrived in Norfolk but it still did come as a little surprise when her water broke just before 11pm and we rushed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn. However it wasn't until March 1 that Oscar Michael Christopher Watson arrived into this world.

The whole experience was really exciting - for me at least - and when I get that adrenaline rush there is nothing I like doing more than Tweeting! Here is how I covered the "event" on Twitter:

Tweet Feed excerpts:

It appears I am off to hospital - my friend, who has come up for the day, is now going into labour!! QEH maternity here we come :) #BabyTime

I've been told not to drive too fast as we head to QEH in Kings Lynn! #BabyTime

I was just glad my friend's water broke after the West Ham V Liverpool highlights - must be a boy :) #BabyTime

Mother & baby safely delivered to QEH - now just trying to find a parking space & loose change! Going to be a long night :) #BabyTime

Used too much change on parking so now on hunt for a cash machine & somewhere to buy a coke and get change! #BabyTime

After a mad dash around Lynn & buying two cans of coke from Golden Grill on Loke Road I'm back at the QEH..! #BabyTime

You may be wondering why two cans? It's never too early to have your first CocaCola :) Joking!! #BabyTime

Trying to find the delivery suite is proving to be a bit of a nightmare - I'm determined to find it though :) #BabyTime

Just to add if it's a boy the name will be Oscar and it'll be Alexa if it's a girl - what do you think? #BabyTime

Delivery suite found but I have to wait outside because I'm not her "partner"..! Does friendship count for nothing these days?! #BabyTime

Just remembered it is the Oscars tonight - that combined with the water breaking after West Ham highlights = boy called Oscar! #BabyTime

Not sure what is going on in there; Is the baby coming? Was it a false alarm? So much waiting & hanging about! #BabyTime

One thing that I have discovered tonight/this morning is that hospital corridors are great for whistling :) #BabyTime

From what I can gather my friend may have time to travel back down south to have her baby - I'm confused! #BabyTime

I'm really poor in my birthing knowledge not helped by me not paying attention at school when this subject arose! #BabyTime

Two and a half hours into #BabyTime and no baby or screaming woman :( I'm truly disappointed!

FYI if my friend decides to travel back down south tonight she may give birth in the same hospital I was born in #incentive #BabyTime

Three hours into #BabyTime and back to my flat we go :( The baby is coming but not quite yet! Still it's been educational!

Everyone seems a bit down & very tired after all the excitement. I've left them talking to go to bed #Yawn #BabyTime

More than 12 hours after rushing to hospital but still nothing! It's a waiting game for my friend now who is quite uncomfortable #BabyTime

In case any of you were wondering my friend drank both cans of coke this morning :) One for her and the other for her baby! #BabyTime

Going by how much pain she is in, I am glad not to be a woman **Takes off hat to pregnant women & mums everywhere** #BabyTime

If my friend has her baby tomorrow it'll be on St David's Day :) Coincidence?! Surely David is a shout for middle name? #BabyTime

Almost 24 hours after her water broke, the contractions are getting stronger & are closer together -- almost time :) #BabyTime

I've also told my friend in honour of St David's Day the baby should have the middle name of either David or Davina :) #BabyTime

Decision for me to make: Go to hospital & sit around for hours outside delivery suite or just let friend and partner go alone? #BabyTime

I've decided not to go after all :( They are now heading towards the QEH to have a baby how exciting! #BabyTime

I don't usually leave my phone on at night but I think I will tonight! Really hoping for a boy now! #BabyTime

My final suggestion for the name if a boy was Oscar David Nelson Lynn Watson -- What do you all think? #BabyTime

Still no baby..! Friend was sent back here after an hour because she was only 1cm gone. They had to wake me up to come back in! #BabyTime

Not heard much noise from her since about 3am so they might have gone back to hospital -- **goes to check** #BabyTime

This has got to be the longest time any baby ever has stayed put after the water breaks! Almost 36 hours..! #BabyTime

My friend has gone into the QEH to be induced -- not surprised after more than 36 hours in labour! Hope it all goes well.. #BabyTime

Exciting news..! My friend is nearing the end of her LONG labour. Her partner is keeping me posted live from the scene #BabyTime

Still no baby..! This is getting ridiculous! I've been told it'll be out by 9pm - I really so for my friend's sake! #BabyTime

Great news..! Oscar Michael Christopher Watson was born @ 23:11 last night in Kings Lynn, weighing 8lb 10oz - finally! #BabyTime

Really happy for my friend and her partner after what must have been a nightmare couple of days for them. Nice name as well #BabyTime

Am going to see new-born Oscar later -- wonder if the new mummy will let me hold him? #BabyTime

Off to see baby Oscar at the QEH in Lynn&will try and get a Twitpic but not sure my friend will allow me to hold him - would you?! #BabyTime

Awww baby Oscar is so cute..! What do you think? #BabyTime

Tweet Feed ends


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