Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Video: Paraglider lands on famous Norfolk tower

I am not for one second condoning what this paraglider has done but you have to admit the bird-eye views of King's Lynn he has captured are pretty amazing. This dare-devil spends the majority of his time trying to land on the famous Campbell's soup tower and after several failed attempts, he manages to land on the iconic landmark at around the 2 minute 40 second mark.

The video was uploaded onto social network website YouTube following the paraglider’s stunt on Sunday and around 1,500 people have viewed the five-minute video but the video has been criticised by some viewers with one person claiming the paraglider is "another high profile newsworthy death waiting to happen".

Other viewers have praised his flying skills and the quality of footage over the West Norfolk market town. The paraglider’s manoeuvres did, however, prompt a member of the public to call the emergency services at 11am claiming he was "out of control" and heading for the River Great Ouse. This sparked a frenzied search by police and the Hunstanton lifeboat. The RNLI lifeboat and hovercraft were then stood down at around 12.20pm.

The empty Campbell’s factory is currently being demolished with its tower due be brought down by a controlled explosion in mid-January to make way for a business complex including a new Tesco Extra store.


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