Monday, 19 September 2011

Unexpected delivery is the perfect way to kick off the working week

It's not very often that I get post at work so I was already excited when I saw a large envelope sat on my desk on my arrival this morning. But I was over-the-moon when I opened it and a certificate (pictured below) and a cheque for £2,550 for the Bobby Moore Fund fell out of the envelope.

The certificate and cheque were from my employer's charity matched funding scheme (Archant Gold) after I raised more than £4,000 to take part in the Bobby Moore Fund's Project Namibia. I had applied for matched funding shortly after I arrived back at work following the 10-day project in June and completely forgotten about it until today!

I am delighted that those on the committee decided to match the amount I raised which went directly to the charity and I cannot wait to tell founder Stephanie Moore and the rest of the Bobby Moore Fund team about this because I know they will be very pleased.


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