Thursday, 18 August 2011

I've joined my very first fans club: The King's Lynn Irons!

I had the abolsutre pleasure of meeting Mark Steele, secretary of the King's Lynn Irons Club, last week when doing a story about his daughter who is one of five King's Lynn teenagers hoping to raise £17,400 to join an expedition to Africa.

With the youngsters posing for pictures, Mark and I began talking about various things but mainly football and after I told him I support West Ham, his eyes lit up and it was then I found out about his involvement with the King's Lynn Irons Club (KLIC).

Now I have to admit, I have never belonged to a fans club. I've no idea why I haven't, I've just never really felt the need to but I was really excited when I got a small parcel at work yesterday which contained a membership card and a badge for KLIC and today I am now a full paid up member of the club!

I have also today tried to bring the club into the 21st century by setting up a Twitter account which is @KingsLynnIrons (The club already has a website: and am enjoying being a member of this club - I wonder when this excitement will wear off?!

Finally, I had to take a picture of the badge because although I am sure you can see there is a big difference between it and the official West Ham United badge, it took me a while to work out it was King's Lynn's South Gate on the KLIC's badge!


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