Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fat Bloke on a Moped, West Norfolk incinerator & the Downham Market Festival - Downham in the news (June 9 to June 28)

A very good evening to you! After the mini-heatwave and today's downpour, I thought it was perfect timing to tell you all about what has been going on in Downham Market this month. Remember if you want to read the full stories to click on the links.

To start off with we had two stories this month about Southery's self-styled Fat Bloke on a Moped Dave Fletcher. Last year he rode around Norfolk to raise money for charity but this year he decided to hop on his moped and ride around the British coast. The first story we had was about Marshall Toyota in King's Lynn giving him a donation to help cover his fuel. Then he, along with co-rider Kevin Rooney, set off on their charity ride on Saturday - the EDP also has a video of the pair setting off.

There was then the story about West Norfolk gearing up for future development. It is a borough-wide story but one which will have implications for Downham Market. More houses are also likely to be built along the A10 corridor.
After what appeared to be yet another successful Downham Market festival, organisers have already appealed for more volunteers to come forward for next year's festival because of the "increasing red tape" the committee has to get through. I do hope more people come forward to make sure this brilliant event continues.
Next we have the on-going saga over the West Norfolk incinerator plan. It is a story that refuses to go away with the EDP publishing at least one article a week on it. But I can understand why - it is something which will have a huge impact on life in West Norfolk and in Downham Market. The latest twists include council leader Nick Daubney has requested a meeting with environment secretary Caroline Spelman to "set the record straight" over the plan. The EDP also covered the beginning of the consultation period after Anglo-US consortium Cory Wheelabrator submitted its planning application for the incinerator. Finally we saw this week, the King's Lynn Civic Society write to the environment secretary urging her to withhold government funding for the project.
Moving on, South West Norfolk MP Elizabeth Truss has urged transport minister Theresa Villiers to recognise the economic benefits of upgrading the link between Cambridge and King’s Lynn.
Ms Truss is working with fellow MPs, councils across Norfolk and Cambridgeshire and the Local enterprise partnerships to put together a capital upgrade plan for the line to ensure that the Fenline is a viewed as a serious contender for future investment by Network Rail.

Finally there was the story of a church replica being the centrepiece for the new play area for children at the Berney Arms, in Barton Bendish, which looks like it would be fun for all ages!


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