Friday, 10 February 2012

Project Namibia: Eight months on

It does feel like an absolute age since I joined 40 volunteers to travel out to Namibia to revamp a school in a remote region of the country as part of an international project led by the Bobby Moore Fund.

But I got to re-live the whole amazing experience again after being asked to give a talk about Project Namibia at a recent meeting of the Downham Market Lions. The group had given me £100 towards my fundraising target and I had given a talk before heading out to Africa on what my hopes were for the project so they were keen to hear how I got on.

I've given plenty of talks on Project Namibia to various organisations but most of them were within three months of me returning to Norfolk following the project last June. I was a bit worried, therefore, that I would struggle to try and remember everything that happened over those 10 days.

But the evening before the meeting, I sat down and just went through the project day-by-day and I was really surprised by how much I remembered. It just goes to show that when you have a life-changing experience, no matter how much time passes, you still have vivid memories of most of it. I then re-read the blogpost I did about the project back in July to fill in the few missing gaps I had and gave probably the best talk on Project Namibia I have ever done.

To finish my talk off, I decided to show them this video put together by the lovely Pandora Maund:

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